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Comupter Communications Conference Security Others
    Computer Hardware   Network Device    Software  
    Desktop Computer   Hub/Switch   General Office Software  
    Linux / Winows Server   Router / Firewall / VPN   POS Software
    NAS network drive   WiMax product   Clinic Software
    Industrial PC   CRM

 Telephone System    Voice Mail System    Voice Logging System / Recorder
  NEC   DSG InterMail   Wellsys -ECVLog  
  Panasonic     TeleCARE   Multisuns -DCRS
    Toshiba   Wellsys   Comvurgent
  DSG     DSG -InterLogger
    Telephone set     Olympus 錄音筆


   CTI solution    Conference System    Access Control System  
     CS Holtine System   Multisuns conference device   STAR (ACS+Time Attendent)  
     Call Centre Solution     Polycom conference device   ManQ (ACS+Time Attendent)
     Outbound Call System   U.S.Robotics speaker phone  
     Business Centre solution   JoinNet Web Meeting  



  CCTV   Conference Room Device   Headset
  AVTECH DVR   Projector   GN Netcom / Jabra

  IP Camera   Projector screen   Freemate
      Electronic Board   Plantronic
      LCD / LED / Plasma TV  
      PA system  



  Other Office Equipment   Material Wholesale   Service
   Copier   Floor box   Computer/telephone system Maintenance service

      Recording adaptor     Technical consulting, support, system installation & relocation
  Network material     Product distributor
    Free assist customer apply internet & telephone line service
    Product leasing

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